Celebrate Shavuot!

SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 2019   


 8 :38 PM  Light Candles after this time
 8:30 PM  Evening Services
 10:30 PM

"Sleepless on Shavuot". All-Niter Just like it sounds;
PLUS once again this year - TEN X - Ten Speakers, Ten Topics, Ten Minutes - Ideas Worth Hearing. Biblical Heroes, each  presented by different people. Guest Rabbi Mendel Posner will speak about Damages from the Torah Perspective.
Followed by (approximately 12:30 am) Chavrusa (paired) learning, followed by Stump the Rabbi. All questions welcomed. Late Night Learning until ??
Come for some, come for all...
List of Presenters and Highlights can be viewed here 


SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2019    

RELIVE SINAI: Bring your family & friends to hear The Ten Commandments on Shavuot Day and enjoy an ice cream party & special program for kids, including a free ice cream squishy for all kids that come! Be sure to join us. Click here for details.

10:00 AM Morning Services
11:00 AM Torah Reading
11:15 AM Ten Commandments Read (approx) followed by lunch at end of services

1:00 PM


Ice Cream Party!!! CKids Awards

  Free Proud 2B Jewish slapband and Torah Oodles for all kids 2+ limited supply, rsvp to reserve yours.
First come first served.

MONDAY, June 10, 2019 

10:00 AM Morning Services
11:00 AM Torah Reading
11:45 AM YIZKOR Memorial Services approx
8:39 PM Holiday ends

Last minute Shavuot info, recipe or story?? Shavuot