Friday, 14 Tishrei – September 29
No TEFILLIN after today until Monday, October 9
Light Candles 5:50 pm
Evening Service 6:50 pm
Followed by Holiday Dinner in the Sukkah - Reservations necessary. Community Dinner in the Sukkah is already filling up fast. To ensure your place in the Sukkah, make your reservation now here.
(7:15 pm estimated start time)
Shabbat, 15 Tishrei – September 30
Morning Services 10:00 am
Afternoon - Mincha Service 6:10 pm
Evening Service 7:05 pm
Light Candles  AFTER 7:08 pm

7:20 PM Sukkah Hop - Join the community for our Annual Rancho Mirage Sukkah Hop (Walk). We will be starting at Chabad with Kiddush and moving onto several other sukkos. Reservations are a must. Make them here.

Don't forget to shake the Lulav and Esrog every day (besides Shabbat). Stop by Chabad if you don’t have your own!

Sunday, 16 Tishrei – October 1
Morning Services 10:00 am
Ckids The Sukkot World Program  
Afternoon - Mincha Service 6:10 pm
Evening Service 7:00 pm
Monday, 17 Tishrei – October 2
Shacharis TBD  Call/Text for time
Mincha/Maariv 6:10 pm
Tuesday, 18 Tishrei – October 3
Shacharis TBD  Call/Text for time
Community BBQ in the Sukkah 5:00 pm
Mincha/Maariv 6:10 pm
Wednesday, 19 Tishrei – October 4
Shacharis TBD  Call/Text for time
Mincha/Maariv 6:10 pm
Thursday, 20 Tishrei – October 5
Shacharis TBD  Call/Text for time 
Mincha/Maariv 6:10 pm
Friday 21 Tishrei – October 6 Hoshana Rabba
Morning Services 7:00 am
Light Candles 5:40 pm
Mincha 6:05 pm
Evening Service and Hakafos 6:35 pm
Shabbat, 22 Tishrei – October 7 Shmini Atzeret
Morning Services 10:00 am
Torah Reading
followed by Yizkor Memorial Service
11:00 am
Mincha Service 6:00 pm
Evening Service 7:00 pm
Followed by Hakafot Service 7:15 pm

DANCE, DANCE, DANCE – Under the stars! Food and treats! Open Bar for adults, mocktails for kids! Torahs! Flags! FUN! JOY! 
Annual Children's Service Hakafa.

Light candles AFTER 6:59 pm
Sunday, 23 Tishrei – October 8 Simchat Torah
Morning Services 10:00 am
Dancing and Kiddush
Followed by rest of services
10:45 am
Mincha Service 6:00 pm
Evening Service 6:58 pm

Thank you to our Sukkah Hop Hosts and Holiday Sponsors. Please click here to see a list of sponsors.
Please call or click here for sponsorship.