There is absolute craziness out there!  Mass shootings have become part of the landscape and the headlines.  Too many of the targets have been Jewish.  We’ve got to do two things: 
1) keep the crazies away from us. 2) Like Poway’s Rabbi Goldstein urged at the White House, change the “out there” by reminding children that they were created for a purpose.  

“Keep Us Safe” - Chabad of Rancho Mirage has begun a security campaign.  We have every confidence the government will award us the grant, but we have every confidence that it will not cover ALL of our security needs.  Security experts are impressed with the measures applied so far and have given excellent guidelines for going forward.  It takes money.  

Additionally, we are going to financially secure our Shul: we are going to BURN the mortgage!!

We have been so incredibly blessed by Hashem.  Twenty-three years ago we found this beautiful, central, prime 5-acre property which no one would touch it because it was on a dirt road.  After renting for four years, the generous Skolnik Family gave the down payment and we bought it. We overpaid significantly — and the seller even jerked up the price at the last minute!! 

But then the land value started to climb. And climb. And climb.  Within two years we were fielding calls from East Coast investors that ours was the fastest climbing square mile in the country.  What did we know?  The One Who created all this real estate was looking out for us!

Some four years later another generous family, the Comras Family stepped forward with a nice chunk of change to begin construction of our charming Shul in memory of their son and brother Johnathan who passed away way too young.  We had raised enough in pledges to build and pay off the land purchase…but the market tanked and (three of ) the pledges were no longer there.  

We obviously are in crying need to upgrade the Shul in so many ways, and we are using every inch to its max. Of course, we are hoping and praying that someone (you?!) will step forward and dedicate our expansion.  And may it be soon.

We need to both secure our site (that’s the priority) and secure our finances.  

The Torah compares paying interest to a snakebite; at first, it’s just a tiny pinch but before you know it, it makes your head swell. Let’s get rid of our snakebite.  

We began this campaign during the Nine Days commemorating the destruction of Jerusalem’s Beit Hamikdash, G‑d’s majestic address here on Earth — all those millennia ago.  

Characteristically, where everyone saw destruction, the Rebbe saw opportunity to build and encouraged us to study the (re) building of The Holy Temple. The building of a Shul is a prelude to the rebuilding of the Beit Hamikdash.

We are 25% of the way there at $50,000.00 

We aim to finish the campaign at the very latest, after the High Holidays, when we build our Sukkah, which commemorates the rebuilding of The Sukkah of King David, may it be speedily in our days, Amen.

Until then, please open your hearts above what you have given Chabad this year and beyond what you have given other Jewish organizations this year and secure Rancho Mirage’s premier Jewish address.  We will survive and succeed the crazies out there.  Thanks to your generosity and thanks to G‑d’s continued looking out for us.

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