Chanukah is right around the corner, which means it’s time for more hands-on fun and Jewish learning at ckids.

Kids of all ages are invited to the “CKids Chanukah LegoLand” on Sunday, December 10. The program will be packed with epic Chanukah games, activities, and crafts, featuring:

➢     “Menorah Madness” team competitions
➢     a “Mystery Maccabee Quest” adventure
➢     a “Spin and Stack” mega-dreidel showdown
➢     and a fabulous “Glownut Lab” (Yup, that’s glow-in-the-dark lego doughnuts!)
➢     Menorah Lighting and Chanukah sing-a-long

The theme of the program is “Build a Brighter World”, and each part of the program will emphasize how children can add light to the world. The children will build their very own Chanukah Dazzler - an awesome light up lego-like Menorah. They’ll also receive Chanukah Superheroes cards to take home with them, encouraging them to be their own Chanukah Superhero by sharing more light and goodness in the world.

The festival of Chanukah celebrates the eternal triumph of light over darkness. Now more than ever, we want to imbue every child with the knowledge that they have the power to light up the world with their own acts of goodness. Even the smallest light chases away a lot of darkness.

Join us in celebrating Chanukah the ckids way, with joyful Jewish experiences and memories to last a lifetime. The program is open to Jewish children of all ages, and there is no charge for ckids members.