TUESday, April 7 | 13 Nissan
Search for Chametz in the evening  
WEDNESDAY, April 8 | 14 Nissan, Passover Eve
Taanit Bechorim - Fast of the Firstborns
After today, no Tefillin until April 17
Eat Chometz Until 10:38 am
Burn Chometz by 11:42 am
Candle Lighting 6:29 pm
Thursday, April 9 | 15 Nissan, Day 1
Light Candles after 7:51 pm

The counting of the Omer is recited starting tonight and during each of the next forty-nine days, leading up to the holiday of Shavuot on the fiftieth day. The counting of the Omer commemorates the eager anticipation of the Jewish people following the exodus from Egypt, as they counted the days and sanctified themselves in preparation for the Revelation and receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.

At night, Omer 1

Friday, April 10 | 16 Nissan, Day 2
Light Shabbos Candles  6:31 pm
At Night, Omer 2  


Shabbos, April 11 | 17 Nissan, Intermediate Day I
At Night, Omer 3  
Sunday, April 12 | 18 Nissan, Intermediate Day 2
At Night, Omer 4  
MOnday, April 13 | 19 Nissan, Intermediate Day 3
At Night, Omer 5  
TUesday, April 14 | 20 Nissan, Last day of Chol Hamoed
Candle Lighting 6:34 pm
At Night, Omer 6  
Wednesday, April 15 | 21 Nissan, Seventh Day of Passover
Light Candles After 7:56 pm
At Night, Omer 7  
Thursday, April 16 | 22 Nissan, Last Day of Passover
Holiday Ends  7:57 pm
At Night, Omer 8  
Do not eat chometz until at least 8:57 pm, to allow time for the Rabbi to buy it back for you