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Two Beginnings

Friday, 5 October, 2018 - 3:16 am

A lady who comes to shul stopped me after Simchas Torah.  She had noticed her son was crying, tears in his eyes.  What's wrong honey, she asked.  Oh, when I see Daddy holding the Torah in his arms I cry.   

I couldn't think of better Simchas Torah nachas. Kids do well to come to shul. They kiss the Torah, sing the Shema, play games, learn a little, lead the service, have their spats (learning to work those out is crucial to becoming community members) and run around outside. Kids that like shul (and that shul likes them) will always be there. Always. 

We begin the Torah this week, again.  Bereishit: in the beginning. Actually, two beginnings: the Jewish people and the Torah.  The world was created for the two beginnings: as a stage for the two to realize their relationship.  We're one year more developed than we were this time last year.  So are our kids.   

A message that the Torah sent us last year may have missed us: we weren't ready for it until now.  Dancing with the Torah on Simchas Torah is beautiful: even more so when the Torah has been part of the week all year long.

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