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Lose Weight Now!!

Friday, 7 February, 2020 - 5:27 pm

Lose Weight Now!!

To lose weight the most effective exercise is push-aways — but they are extremely difficult to do. You need to stand near a full smorg n Viennese table and push AWAY!!

You can’t just walk away or move away but you’ve got to PUSH away!  Because, let’s be truthful, you’re vulnerable. Forget about “just one little nibble”, one little WHIFF will have you gorging yourself sick in minutes. 

You’re vulnerable but you are not weak… as long as you can remember your weakness and you push-away. Pharaoh’s Egypt was arguably the most decadent regime in history. And for all of their undeniable spiritual underpinnings, the Jews knew they were drawn to his fleshpots and to be blunt, his orgies. So they fled. So quickly that their bread did not have time to rise. Recognizing our vulnerability is our greatest strength.  Pushaways not only develop endurance, enhance well-being, promote sound body/sound mind, but fleeing the gorge allows our spirit to soar.  It’s a discipline Kabbalists call isquaphia. Eat happy. 

Good Shabbos 

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