We're impressed with our curriculum, now it's your turn! We hope to engage your child's sense of identity by capturing his/her imagination and attention. We put a lot of effort into providing our students with substantive lessons and a positive atmosphere.

The lessons are multi-sensory, & hands-on, ensuring that the students truly experience what they are being taught. 

Ckids Rancho Mirage is an affiliate of the Chabad International Hebrew Education Network, who stand at the forefront of Jewish education worldwide, providing our children with the highest level of Jewish education possible, in a Sunday & Hebrew School setting. Areas of Academic Emphasis Include:

An overview of Jewish history starting with creation, to the giving of the Torah, to modern day Israel will be taught through interactive stories and art projects.
Study of various Torah portions & stories to pique the children’s interest  
Our students understand that Israel is not just another country but our own homeland; a land that is truly the “Promised Land”, both spiritually and physically.
The students gain an appreciation of our heritage and culture that has been preserved throughout the ages through various cultural crafts, literature, and songs, presented throughout the year.
Through Song and dance, our students are taught to develop an enjoyment and understanding of a variety of both traditional and Israeli songs. Each song is taught through rhythm, movement and educational activities.
The children will learn various vocabulary words, and common language words in the Hebrew language, through circle & play time, hanging posters, contests, songs, and dances.
Our Hebrew School uses the acclaimed Aleph Champ Hebrew reading program to ensure that your child will read fluently at the end of his/her Hebrew School experience.
Our students learn to read & write Hebrew. They gain confidence and familiarity with the Siddur-Hebrew Prayer Book.
Through projects focused on sharing and giving, the students will form a special relationship with other Jewish children around the world, experiencing first hand, how they can make a difference in another child’s life.
Hands-on lessons on each Jewish holiday will fill the calendar as we begin with learning about the High Holidays and continue throughout the year.  By the end of the year, the students will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of each holiday, its traditions and customs, and on Shabbat, and its special meaning to the Jewish people. 
Beginning with the origins of the Mitzvot, students will explore, read, and discuss practical applications of good deeds, and ways of bringing it into the life of a little child. Children will understand that our religion is based on a G d given set of values and morals, and will gain an appreciation for their meaning.  

Students at Ckids Hebrew School will have the opportunity this year, to master the fundamentals of Torah and Judaism and join an international competition with thousands of children from Chabad Houses around the globe.

Children (grades 3-8) learn the Living Jewish study book which helps them master mitzvot, holidays, Jewish history, and more. With the online game zone and extensive teaching resources, each child can become a champion of torah knowledge.

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Aleph Champ

aleph man2.jpg The Aleph Champion Program© is on the cutting edge of Hebrew reading today. Modeled after the Karate/Martial Arts motivational system, it works by dividing different reading skills into levels defined by color. Students understand that their teacher is a black aleph champion and their goal is to reach that level.


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