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In Memory of Jonathan Comras

On July 26, 2019 Chabad of Rancho Mirage will mark the thirteenth yartzeit of Jonathan Comras. Jonathan passed away at a very young age and left many people mourning. He had a way of alleviating people's suffering. We are honored that our Shul Building carries his name. Please join us for this memorial Kiddush.

It is now twelve long years since Jackie & Richard Comras buried their son Jonathan. The grief that they and Lawrence, Jonathan’s brother, have endured is impossible to know.

 Eleven years ago they moved to turn their grief into light and spearheaded the building of our shul. They wanted it to be pleasing but not ostentatious, welcoming and inviting, but not overreaching — something like Jonathan. And so, in addition to giving the funds that they did, it was the focus of their day every day, from before the architect was hired until the occupancy was okayed. And beyond.

Richard was the key factor in developing the concept of NU4U, which is a thriving reality. We don't know what the Comras' next move to benefit the shul will be, but we are sure it will be a good one.

And so we say thank you.

Every time a prayer is uttered within our walls, there is a gratitude to you and a luminance in Jonathan’s memory. Every time a kiddush is offered there is a an unspoken l’chaim to Jonathan. Every time the BBQ rises to the level of camaraderie, Jonathan's sense of goodness is furthered.
His memory will only grow stronger. May the comfort and strength you receive from perpetuating goodness in his honor do the same.